Material for Your Furniture: Leather or Fabric

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Leather is a material that is produced through the skin tanning process. Tanning involves the treatment of hides and skin to improve their durability, texture, and appearance. Fabric is created by weaving, knitting, and felting together cotton, nylon, wool, silk and threads. Both of these materials are used in making furniture. In this article, we discuss aspects to consider before deciding which material to use for your table:

Comfort and Variety

Comfort and Variety - Material for Your Furniture: Leather or Fabric

Fabric is warmer, softer and more comfortable in most weather conditions. Leather is less comfortable in hot weather as it is sticky to the skin and cold weather since it’s brutal to the skin and is slippery. Leather would not be ideal in extreme weather conditions. The fabric has more variety in terms of colours, patterns, prints and textures. Leathers have less variety in colour, prints and texture. Most leather colours range from black, brown and white.

Maintenance and Elegance

Maintenance and Elegance - Material for Your Furniture: Leather or Fabric

Fabric gets stained easily and is generally more challenging to clean. Leather is easy to clean, needing as little as a damp cloth. However, leather requires a high degree of maintenance to prevent ageing. If you have children, leather would be a better choice since it’s easy to clean and less messy. Leather is relatively more elegant and stylish. Fabric is less refined, although it offers more options in mix-matching.

Durability and Cost

Unlike leather, the fabric is more susceptible to fading, wearing out and staining. However, leather easily splits and cracks. Fabric is relatively cheaper as compared to leather. Leather is costly due to the high cost of raw materials and the intensive production process.

Environmental Friendliness

Fabric is more environmentally friendly as it requires minimal chemical usage in production. It is also more biodegradable depending on its material. Leather production involves lots of chemicals hence is less environmental-friendly. Its biodegradability ranges to about 50 years.

In conclusion, there are certainly more factors to consider between leather and fabric for your furniture, but the above are the most critical.